LETTERS - Solutions if you please

HERE we go again: all four of our constituency Labour MPs vying to the vulnerable on the questions of police cuts and the extension of the age when women can draw their pensions. (Wakefield Express, Feb 4)

I know it is naive to expect them to admit their involvement in demise of the country’s economy but neither have they put forward any constructive alternative proposals to rectify the problems.

It is interesting to note they never say the government’s proposals will not work. Instead they use such phrases as “we are fearful that they will not work” or “the government is gambling with the economy”.

The current government’s policies are no greater gamble than anything the Labour has offered to date; please tell us Messrs Balls, Trickett, Cooper and Creagh where they would make the cuts, and find the money to finance the issues you are criticising?

D Downs

Mountbatten Avenue