LETTERS - They spent every penny

IN his letter (Express, January 21), Mr Kirkpatrick is somewhat economic with the actuality while attacking my criticism of Labour and Mary Creagh. Firstly, he failed to actually tell your readers that he is in fact the former election agent for Mary Creagh MP.

Addressing his other points; the Coalition government did indeed vote to continue with a NI increase last week but, it was a delayed increase that Labour had announced in its budget of April 2010. This is the same budget in which Labour introduced the fuel duty increase which recently took effect.

Mr Kirkpatrick goes on to demonstrate a breathtaking ignorance of how jobs are created in this country. The government cancelled the employer’s part of Labour’s NI increase because it is quite simply a tax on jobs and discourages employers from taking people on, particularly small businesses. Alan Johnson recently announced that Labour would increase NI yet again if it was in power.

Mr Kirkpatrick criticises the VAT increase, yet former Labour chancellor, Alister Darling, admits that he was planning a similar increase for after the election, when he wasn’t busy hiding money from Gordon Brown so as he couldn’t blow it.

The truth is that during 13 years, when record receipts were flowing into the Exchequer from the City, Labour was spending every penny it raised in taxes and borrowing still more. When the inevitable storm came it didn’t have a single dime in the pot with which to buy even a cheap umbrella....so it had to get one on tick.

It might be nice if, just for once, a Labour government would leave office with the economy still intact.

Tony Homewood


Morley & Outwood Conservative Association