LETTERS - Time to clean up act

I must congratulate the staff photographer who took the photograph on page 11 of last week’s Express showing the entrance to the atrium of the new Pinderfields Hospital.

How did he (or she) manage to move on the cohorts of smokers that on my visits as an out-patient and hospital visitor always congregate around that area - usually in bed attire, with drips and expensive monitors on tow, filling the air with acrid stale smoke and leaving their tab-ends on the ground?

Your photographer must have moved them on, which is more can be said for the ‘security staff’ who either cannot, or will not, stop them from polluting the air causing distress to non-smoking visitors or patients!

Hospital borne infections? Well they will abound if patients are allowed to go outside in their bed clothes taking expensive pieces of hospital kit with them, then bringing outside germs back onto the wards!

The medical/nursing staff aren’t allowed outside in their uniforms for fear of bringing infections onto the ward.

Your photographer managed to get the ‘No smoking’ signs on either side of the doors into view - perhaps that may serve as a timely reminder that smoking is banned within the grounds, but then again perhaps not.

Surely if you are in hospital, and fit enough to go outside and light up, then you must be fit enough to go home!

Ian Lawton

Cumbrian Way

Lupset Park