LETTERS - Town been let down

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I WROTE some time ago about Normanton being the dumping ground for Wakefield Council, but it’s even worse than I thought at the time.

Coun Dagger thanked the people of Normanton, Warmfield, Kirkthorpe and Heath for re-electing him at the recent elections and stated that there were many issues and challenges facing our community over the next few years and that he will not let us down. Well, Coun Dagger, two weeks later and you did let us down, objecting to the hazardous medical waste treatment plant on Normanton Industrial Estate before the election and then withdrawing your objections after you were voted in. We are already surrounded by pollution and waste, and certainly have more than our fair share in the Wakefield district.

I would have hoped that Coun Dagger, along with the town council, would have looked after the health and welfare of the voters, but, sadly they did not, and are prepared to allow as much poor health and pollution in the area as possible.

Margaret Willson

Sanderson Avenue