LETTERS - Training by cycling

I’VE never read such nonsense as that in Norman Hazell’s recent column!

I’m the chairman of Autumn Tints Cycling Comrades. We are largely based in this part of Yorkshire. And we enrol our members for life from 50 onward. According to Mr Hazell’s nonsense I should be busily attending member’s funerals. But, my diary is empty because cycling is safe!

He ought, if he has any regard for a serious problem, to be trying to rectify the problem of young males and cars. According to the UN more young males have died in motor-related crashes than in all the wars since 1900. I suspect the UK part of it is largely related to that oxymoronic device, the ‘Hot Hatch’. Hatchbacks are obviously intended to be ‘granny’ cars, the motoring equivalent to Pashley’s ‘Princess’ model. The very opposite of a performance machine.

Barry Hoban’s recognition for his achievements is long overdue in his home area. If he’d been born in a Continental town or village there would have been a prominent feature of the urban landscape carrying his name. Avenue de Barry Hoban?

Too much is made of those who have had the advantage of scientifically designed training from virtual infancy. Barry’s generation didn’t enjoy such advantages. Instead they trained for cycling by cycling. So his career was remarkable in itself. And as far as I’m aware Barry was a ‘clean’ competitor, never using drugs! Yet they were being used all around him.

Bill Houlder

Queens Avenue