LETTERS - Trinity Walk, a dinosaur

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AM I the only one brave enough to say it?

No jobs, no money - so what do we do? Build yet another huge monolith to consumerism by way of The Trinity Walk shopping precinct! Big brand fashion, designer labels and department store names at which many of us can ill afford to shop.

Many of the stores we already have are already struggling to survive, as are their customers. This megalithic competition can only result in yet more hardship and unaffordable cost for shopowner and customer alike.

Wakefield’s famous abundance of pound shops and charity shops have helped me through these austerity times which don’t look like they’re going to improve anytime soon.

Alongside the quite adequate and impeccable supermarket we already have in The Ridings Centre...and what happens to that now...another complex shortly due for dereliction due to customer disinterest?

The vibrant and regular Sunday car boot sale behind Wakefield bus station deserves more praise than this dinosaur which has suddenly reared its rear end in our midst threatening to drive bargain hunters and honest traders into extinction.

Martius Brullenoir