LETTERS - We do help others out

I WAS astonished to read Mrs Broad’s letter, March 25. It contrasts markedly with an accident in the indoor market last autumn.

I went to have battery fitted to a watch and the stall was unattended. I noticed an elderly gentleman sitting on a chair nearby being taken care of by another stall holder.

The battery stall holder returned and apologised for not being there. She too had been helping the gentleman who had fallen badly and his leg was bleeding. They had arranged for a first aider in the market to attend and she also said they would get him a taxi home. A first class response.

It is inconceivable that it is not a statutory obligation for there to be a qualified first aider at all times in the bus station, as it is a hazardous area with large numbers of passengers, vehicles and staff.

Have Health and Safety investigated the incident of the collision and lack of a first aider?

If not they should. Also Arriva, Stagecoach and those responsible for the enquiry office staff should review the unhelpful and insensitive behaviour of the drivers and enquiry office staff also their proceedures and staff training.

I have worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors and in every case there has been one or more first aiders, including myself. Finally I do hope Mrs Broad, her grandson and the other passengers are fine.

I can assure Mrs Broad that Wakefield people would invariably go to help in the case of an accident. I have helped and seen others do so. I have also gratefully received help.

Gloria Lowry

Wrenthorpe Road