LETTERS - Which way will be next?

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FURTHER to the letter from Coun Simon Wilson I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for clearing up the issue around my not voting for any major housing developments in the Stanley and Outwood East Ward of WMDC but it would have been nice if he and his Conservative colleague had done this prior to the recent election.

Furthermore he then goes on to say I had omitted to say that I had voted for the LDF proposal along with Labour colleagues. Which again he is correct in saying but what he fails to inform the readers is that not one of the councillors present voted against the report and that he again failed to turn up at one of the most important meetings of the year, something he unfortunately does on a regular basis. 6 out of 13 meetings missed last year and he has already missed the first one of this year.

I will not stand by whilst he tries to score points in what I assume will be his election year and misrepresent the facts in this way and has for the Newmarket development, he was all in favour of it as it went through the planning stages but now it appears he is against it? Which way will he turn next I wonder?

Coun Clive Hudson

Stanley and Outwood East ward