LETTERS - Wind farm noise fears

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WHAT complete nonsense to suggest that Sitlington could become greener or profit from being blighted by a wind farm (Express, February 11, ‘Community hopes to cash in on wind’).

Making the component parts of a generator (usually in China) is not a very green process, in fact it’s devastating large areas of China.

Building wind farms in the UK is as pointless as Clem Attlee’s 1940s Labour Party groundnut scheme: ploughing up Africa to plant monkey nuts. Millions spent and nothing produced. Which is pretty much a labour blueprint for most schemes.

Coun Brook says grants are to pay for this project, which is another way of saying people who don’t want something will have to pay for something others do.

Wind farms produce large amounts of noise, noise I for one don’t wish to hear in Coxley Valley.

If you have not heard the noise they make, it’s a very irritating and irksomely punctuated intermittent drone, somewhat akin to the voices of hectoring politicians, Green Party tree huggers and parish councillors who can’t see the wood for the trees.

There is currently no scientific proof of man-made climate change and even less proof that wind can provide our energy needs in the future.

Electricity comes easily and reliably from power stations burning fossil fuels or generated by nuclear fuel, we don’t need any Heath Robinson eyesores in our tranquil semi-rural valley.

DL Long

Coxley Crescent