LETTERS - Worse than invasion

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I WOULD like to take exception to the letter “Heading the right way”. Where was this robust economy that this writer is trying to tell us that Labour inherited?

During the Tory party’s last tenure we saw unemployment soar from one million to three million despite the way unemployment figures were calculated this was changed over twenty times to try and keep the figures down.

The Tory party did more damage to northern england than William the Conquerer and Henry VIII put together when they wasted the north.

Despite Mrs Thatcher saying she would not double VAT she did not she put it up from 8 per cent to 15 per cent, an increase of 87.5 per cent, then John Major increased it to 17.5 per cent a total increase of 120 per cent – that was to pay for the dole queue and tax relief for the rich.

I can remember my mortgage rate reaching 14 per cent whilst the Tory party was propping up the pound with the gold reserves, also the Tories took away the tax relief on mortgage payments.

The writer says that the gold reserves were sold off at 25 per cent of today’s price – it was sold at 100 per cent of the price revelent at the time. That is more than can be said for the privatisation of our nationalised assets. Each sale was over subscribed by at least three times showing they were undervalued.

Can the writer hand on heart say we were right to sell the utilities off gas, electric, and water, and what a way to control the price of gas, oil,and petrol when we owned the largest oil and gas producer in the world, British Petroleum.

If the Tories had not sold all our assets off, the debts Labour inherited when they came into power would have been far greater than what they did.

Finally I would like to state that I was a miner, my father was a miner he also was a flight engineer a sergeant in bomber command and he told me 50 years ago that the only way the Tories could run a country was high unemployment and low wages. I still think this is true.

Peter Watkiss

Pinewood Avenue

Flanshaw Park