Lettter - City streets look disgusting

AFTER reading in the Express about litter being dropped in our city streets and other areas, I think it is a disgusting state.

The council and the council workmen do their best trying to keep our streets clean and also the bins emptied every day.

I sometimes walk the street of Agbrigg and I see rubbish thrown outside and not put in bins. Immediately it gets reported to the council, to which right away they remove the rubbish.

Then within two days it is as bad as ever, it attracts vermin and last year I took a photo of a rat running across the road. Three weeks ago a toilet was left outside a house, not far from my home.

I must agree with Rod Young a steward at Trinity Methodist Church about the filthy disgusting mess left around his church. Sir we have the same problems at the Salvation Army Church.

We do have beer cans and bottles left in our doorways, plus sometimes it stinks of urine and also human faeces. This sort of behaviour should stop. A few weeks ago I thought an elephant had been down Zetland Street it was that big.

The police know of the situation that goes on, but they have other more important jobs to do throughout the city, plus their manpower is cut.

John Wildie

Briar Grove