Lidl supermarket plan for Newton Hill

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Another out of town shopping development is planned for Wakefield.

A retail and leisure scheme is planned for Red Hall Lane at Newton Hill, which will incorporate a Lidl supermarket, a drive-through restaurant, coffee shop and gastro pub.

Just two weeks ago West Register (Property Investments) Ltd announced it was submitting plans for a discount foodstore, several shops, a coffee shop and a gastro pub on the nearby Snow Hill site.

Outline planning permission has already been granted to Yorkcourt Properties Ltd for a neighbouring part of the Snow Hill site, which will incorporate 1,234 homes, other shops, leisure facilities and is set to create 3,000 jobs.

Councillor, Clive Hudson said: “There is a lot planned for that area, and it will add to existing traffic problems, but access for the latest proposal is off Bradford Road and not Leeds Road, which I would be more worried about.”

Together, the developments will bring more than 3,200 jobs,

However, there are concerns about the impact on house prices, privacy, traffic and city centre shops.

A spokesman for Walsingham Planning, which is behind the latest proposals, said: “The scheme is being carefully designed with comprehensive landscaping, acoustic fencing and sensitive placing of buildings to preserve the amenity of nearby residents.”