Litter leaving areas in ‘disgusting’ states

Litter at Trinity Methodist Church, in Eastmoor
Litter at Trinity Methodist Church, in Eastmoor

LITTER is leaving areas in “disgusting” conditions, according to residents who have called for action to be taken.

Rod Young, a church steward at Trinity Methodist Church, on Jacob’s Well Lane, said he has had to clear away human faeces, used tampons and beer cans and bottles from the church car park before people arrive for their morning service.

Walkway at the back of Rufford Street. (w612e238)

Walkway at the back of Rufford Street. (w612e238)

He said it has been a problem for several years. Mr Young said: “This litter often contains broken bottles scattered about the parking area, and it is used by community groups and young children.

“It’s disgusting and we’d appreciate any help in stopping this behaviour.”

Barbara Firth, of Rufford Street, in Flanshaw, also said a ginnel running between the street and a beck has also been blighted by litter, dog mess and weeds.

She said the area had been “forgotten about”.

She said: “The area has not been cleaned up since it was flooded in May. I want people to open their eyes to the disgusting state of this ginnel.”

Insp Richard Close, of central NPT, said reports from the church were “unacceptable” and that police would continue to patrol the area.

Mark Trafford, area manager for WDH which are responsible for the Rufford Street area, said they took littering seriously and would take action with partner agencies to resolve the matter.

And Glynn Humphries, Wakefield Council’s service director for cleaner and greener, said they would monitor both areas and look at laying anti-littering signs.

He said: “We are working closely with the police and our enforcement team and are committed to tackling the issue of litter in our communities.”