Little Macy Moran crosses finish line with a little help from her family and friends

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It was a moment full of emotion for young Macy Moran as she joined her family and friends in taking the final few steps to the Leeds 10k finish line.

Eight-year-old Macy, from Lupset, was diagnosed with a brain tumour last May and has spent much of her time in and out of hospital undergoing treatment.

It was during one of these regular visits that she and her family saw a poster advertising the Leeds 10k.

Determined to give something back to the charity that continue to support Macy and the entire family through the ordeal, Macy’s brother John Moran, cousins Gemma Connor and Jake Dalton and friends Ben Austin and Leanne Stapley signed up to run the event in aid of Candlelighters.

Macy’s mother, Paula Moran, said: “Candlelighters make sure that every stay Macy has in hospital is a comfortable one.

“The charity have enabled her to meet and socialise with children going through similar experiences and offered a fantastic amount of support to our whole family, so it seemed right to do the the run in support of them.”

Westgate cheerleader Macy cheered on her family and friends from the sidelines.

Mrs Moran said: “When they were finishing the race, Macy was lifted over the barrier and able to run to the finish line with them.

“It was a proud and overwhelming moment for all of us and Macy still finds what they did very touching. She never stops smiling and takes everything in her stride.”

The group have raised more than £2,500. To make a donation, visit