Lupset life saving teenagers get award from Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Two quick-thinking teenagers have been honoured for helping save a woman’s life.

Friends Sam Harris and Liam Shaw bravely dragged a woman away from oncoming traffic after she suffered a seizure on busy Broadway, in Lupset.

Not only did the pair calmly ring 999, but they stayed with her and kept her safe until paramedics arrived.

Sam, 13, and Liam, 14, both of Lupset, received certificates of commendation from Yorkshire Ambulance Service this week for their efforts.

Cathedral Academy School pupil Liam said: “We were walking back form the shops when we saw this woman laying in the road. We got her out of the road and I called 999.

“I was nervous. There were loads of cars which drove around her and nobody stopped.

“The ambulance was there within 10 minutes, but it felt longer.

“I am happy to be recognised. My dad was proud.”

Sam, who attends St Thomas a Becket School, said: “I felt nervous as anything could have gone wrong.

“We talked to her to bring her off the road and we got her out of the road and then held on to her near a lamppost so she was safe.”

Sam’s mum Elizabeth Harris added: “We are really proud of them. I am not surprised though as they are good kids.”

The boys have been praised by both their schools and the ambulance service for their quick thinking.

Community defibrillation officer Dave Jones was first on the scene after getting reports of a woman in her late 30s suffering from a seizure.

He was so impressed by the boys’ efforts at the end of last year that he recommended them for an award.

Mr Jones said: “These lads were fantastic and did the right thing.

“They have saved her from getting much more severe injuries.”