Man accused of helping Eastmoor double murderer goes on trial

Court snatch - Stephen Harrat. (W504A232)
Court snatch - Stephen Harrat. (W504A232)

A MAN accused of helping a double murderer to try and evade justice has gone on trial.

Steven Harratt, 57, is charged with assisting killer Ahmad Otak, 21, after he knifed Kimberley Frank, 17, and Samantha Sykes, 18, to death in Eastmoor last March.

It is alleged Harratt, of Willow Grove, Sandal, provided Otak with food, money, clothing and a satellite navigation system.

Leeds Crown Court heard today (Monday) how Afghani asylum seeker Otak committed the murders in front of Kimberley’s sister Elisa Frank, who had earlier ended her on-off relationship with possessive Otak.

The jury heard how Otak drove her to Harratt’s house and held a knife to her back.

Otak who had cuts on his fingers, asked for and was given £250 by Harratt.

The court then heard how Otak set off to Dover.

Elisa was in the car her feet were bound together.

Earlier the jury were told how Otak had tied Elisa’s hands and feet together to prevent her from escaping after he had killed Kimebrley.

Prosecutor Sophie Drake said: “While we don’t say Harratt knew Otak had murdered anyone, he must have realised that Otak had committed a serious offence, an offence of violence and was desperate to get away.

“The defendant knew Otak was intent on leaving the country to go to France and he provided him with food, a satellite navigation system, clothing and advice on ferry crossings.”

The court heard Elisa managed to escape at Dover with the help of an illegal immigrant who was also trying to stow away.

She then managed to raise the alarm.

Harratt told police he did not know what had happened and denied assisting Otak in any way.

Harratt has pleaded not guilty to assisting an offender with intent to impede the apprehension or prosecution of Otak.

The trial continues.