Man jailed for assaults

24th October 2011'Wakefield Magistrates court.'Pictured: Robin Guest'PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE
24th October 2011'Wakefield Magistrates court.'Pictured: Robin Guest'PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE

A MAN who committed three assaults in one night has been jailed for 16 weeks.

Robin Simon Guest, 44, punched a security guard at Tesco Express on Barnsley Road, spat at another employee and at a police officer, a court heard.

Prosecutor Richard Ogden said the offences happened shortly after 8pm om March 27 when Guest, of Church View, Agbrigg, became involved in an altercation with two “young ladies”.

Mr Ogden said one of the ladies approached a shop security officer who saw Guest being verbally abusive. But as the guard took his phone out to call the police, Guest punched him on the back of the head, which caused him to stagger.

Guest ran off but was pursued and detained by the guard and another employee. Guest then spat at the second man, catching him on the arm.

Wakefield Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday how Guest also spat in the face of a policeman while at Wood Street. Mr Ogden said the spittle landed around the officer’s right eye and mouth.

A search of Guest’ rucksack revealed cannabis, which he claimed was for his own personal use.

Guest admitted three counts of assault, one of possessing cannabis and breach of a conditional discharge imposed for being drunk and disorderly last October.

He was also subject to suspended sentence imposed last August for outraging public decency.

The court heard Guest suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder. But that he had fuelled the incident by drinking eight to 10 pints of alcohol.

Mike Devlin, mitigating, said: “He does seem to get into arguments and scrapes as a result of being different and also his inability to deal with the way people may treat him.”