Man’s body found in burnt out caravan


A man’s body has been discovered in a burnt out caravan on farmland.

Firefighters at Pontefract station were called to Beech House Farm in Stapleton, near Darrington, at around 6.15pm yesterday (Tuesday, February 16).

They were led into an area of woodland at the farm where they found a burnt out caravan with a male body inside.

Crew manager Dave Bastow said: “In the centre of the woodland is an area the farm uses for burning rubbish. A caravan had been towed to that position and it had caught fire.

“It had been a big static caravan towed in place by a tractor and it was completely burnt out.

“In my professional opinion I would say it had been burning for a couple of hours at least.”

Mr Bastow said he believes farm workers called the fire brigade when they realised the man was missing and was last seen near the caravan.

He said: “Because it is so isolated and it is an area where they normally have bonfires, seeing smoke would not be unusual and nobody else passing by would be able to see it.”

The body is believed to be that of a farm worker.

The circumstances surrounding his death are under investigation.