Man snatched car and sped off with pal still on bonnet

Stuart Andrew Bradshaw, Wakefield Magistrates
Stuart Andrew Bradshaw, Wakefield Magistrates

A DANGEROUS driver who snatched a car and sped off with the owner still clinging to the bonnet has been jailed for 16 months.

Stuart Andrew Bradshaw, 26, took the keys to friend David Brady’s Vauxhall Cavalier while staying at his home after they had been out drinking together.

But Mr Brady saw Bradshaw reversing the vehicle from its parking spot in College Grove View and dashed out in his dressing gown to stop him.

He tried to open the door and pull Bradshaw out without success and then ran to the front and jumped on the bonnet.

Mr Brady, in a statement, said: “He just sped off with me attached still on the bonnet, still screaming to him to slow down.”

Prosecutor Patrick Gallagher said Mr Brady clung on as Bradshaw continued, frightened he would go under the wheels if he fell off.

It was only when the vehicle finally slowed at a corner he felt able to roll off, suffering cuts and bruises on his arms and legs.

Police officers spotted the vehicle in Foundry Road and gave pursuit. Bradshaw reached speeds up to 60mph before eventually slowing and giving himself up.

Bradshaw, 26 of Chequers Close, Pontefract was jailed for 16 months and disqualified for three years after admitting taking the vehicle without consent, dangerous driving, assaulting Mr Brady, failing to provide a breath test, having no insurance or appropriate licence.

John Wilkinson, mitigating at Leeds Crown Court, said Bradshaw realised custody inevitable.

Judge Neil Clark said: “You drove with him clinging to the bonnet at speeds up to 30mph with him in fear of his life.”