Man who helped Eastmoor double murderer escape is jailed

Steven Harratt
Steven Harratt

The man who helped his killer friend escape after he murdered Kimberley Frank, 17, and Samantha Sykes, 18, has been jailed.

Steven Harratt, 57, gave money, food, clothes and a satellite navigation system to murderer Ahmad Otak just hours after he had killed both teenage girls in an Eastmoor flat to help the illegal Afghani asylum seeker get to Dover and flee the country.

After Otak had stabbed the teenagers to death in front of his ex-girlfriend Elisa Stephens, Harratt helped him escape.

Last March Otak forced Elisa, at knife point, after she had seen the brutal slaying of her sister and friend, into a car and drove to Harratt’s Sandal home.

There, Harratt gave Otak £250, food, clothes and bought him a satellite navigation system for his drive to Dover.

He also sent several text messages to Otak afterwards including one about Dover.

Harratt, of Willow Grove, denied the charge of assisting an offender and said he thought that Otak and Elisa were going to start a new life in Birmingham.

But Harratt was unanimously convicted by a jury last month.

Today (Friday) he was jailed for two years and nine months at Leeds Crown Court.

Passing sentence Judge Geoffrey Marson QC, told Harratt: “The evidence very clearly shows that after the murders Otak had determined to flee the country in an effort to evade arrest.

“He took Elisa against her will, binding her and carrying with him a knife, and they drove to your home.

“The prosecution don’t allege and I don’t sentence you on the basis that you knew that Ahmad Otak had committed two murders - it’s a fact that he did.

“I sentence you on the basis, that the jury must have found you believed he had committed at least once serious offence of violence.

“You provided him with food, with money, clothing, and you went out and bought for him a satellite navigation device. You gave him some advice I’m satisfied, as by the method he might flee the country on a ferry and once he had left your house there was phone contact between you.”