Meet the pampered pooches who go up and down on their doggy stair-lift

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Meet Millie, Pippa and Heidi the dogs that need a hand to get upstairs. Their owners, Sheila and Harry Lee, have invested in a stair-lift for the dearly-loved Dachshunds.

Sheila had the stair-lift fitted to prevent her three pets from straining and damaging their backs when climbing the stairs.

She said: “Dachshunds often develop back problems and aren’t really supposed to use the stairs. When we moved into a dormer-bungalow in Ossett last January, they were struggling to get up the steep steps into our bedroom, which is where they’ve always slept.”

Pippa has previously suffered with back problems and had to undergo a £5,000 operation on her spine.

Sheila said: “Pippa got through the complex operation, but we obviously wanted to avoid her struggling with the stairs and causing further damage, and the health of the other two was also a concern.

“The stair-lift cost a fraction of the operations and also with my husband and I not getting any younger, who knows when we might need to use it ourselves?”

Sheila trained her dogs to sit on the seat by rewarding them with treats every time they used the chair-lift correctly. Dachshunds are intelligent and it only took a week of training for them to be able to use it.

The dogs, which were adopted from West Yorkshire Dog Rescue five years ago, now love their regular rides .

Sheila said: “They soon began to enjoy the trips and they happily jump on the seat at bedtime, then take a ride downstairs in the morning. It is so comical to watch them and has become quite a talking point amongst family and friends.

“It is well worth giving a rescue dog a loving home. Ours are lovely companions and get us out and about on country walks. We think the world of them, they make us laugh. I’d have a house-full if I could.”

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