Meet the YouTube vloggers of the future

John Cromack and Michael Frost, of Our Little Life vlog.
John Cromack and Michael Frost, of Our Little Life vlog.

Video sharing website YouTube has made stars out of Justin Bieber, Gangnam Style singer Psy and hungry baby Charlie, who famously bit his brother’s finger.

And now a couple from Belle Vue are hoping to net their own worldwide audience with their daily video blog - known as a vlog.

John Cromack, 32 and his partner Michael Frost, 29, have been vlogging their Our Little Life series every day for the past 316 days.

Mr Cromack, an office admin worker, said: “We started doing it after being inspired by other people doing the same thing on YouTube.

“We had never seen anyone from England doing it and we thought why not give it a go? And it’s been going really well so far.”

Unlike some YouTube stars, the couple’s success has not been down to capturing outrageous or dramatic moments in their lives.

Regular viewers will be familiar with Mr Cromack filming in his car before he sets off for work or goes to the gym.

One of their most popular videos, which got nearly 2,000 views, centres around their washing machine finally being replaced.

Mr Cromack said: “It was difficult when we first started to do it because you are letting people into your private life.

“Michael was really into the idea and I was a bit wary but now I’m a lot more comfortable with it.”

So far, Our Little Life has more than 400 regular subscribers and gets fan mail from around the globe. But in their home city, the couple have also won lots of viewers.

Mr Cromack said: “There was once a girl who works in Boots that recognised us.”

The couple’s cats, Big Dog Creep, Little Precious and Queen of The House Twinky are also popular with viewers.

And they are also using their vlog as a way of promoting their home city.

Mr Cromack said: “We video when we’re out and about in Wakefield, showing people different parts of the city.

“People also like our videos of us doing things like going on holiday or with our friends and family.”

The project started last year as a year-long challenge.

But the success they have had so far has inspired them to take it further.

Mr Cromack said: “We’re definitely going to carry on doing one video a day until we have reached a year. Our plan after that is just to carry on. As long as we have got people watching we will do it but there’s no point if no-one watches them.”

To watch Our Little Life log onto all next week for daily episodes. Or if you are making a vlog let us know.