MEPs support carbon monoxide law for improved safety at holiday resorts

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European politicians have given their support to the campaign for improving carbon monoxide safety in holiday resorts.

Members of the European Parliament backed plans for new legislation on fire and gas safety across the continent at a meeting on Thursday.

Ms Creagh is backing a campaign started by the families of Horbury schoolchildren Bobby and Christi Shepherd who died of carbon monoxide poisoning while on holiday in Corfu in 2006.

They want to see improved legislation throughout Europe.

Ms Creagh said: “This is a big and very important step towards getting legislation in place.

“The family’s dearest wish is that no other family suffers the heartbreak and tragedy they endured. But we have to remain vigilant because we know there are some EU member states who have rejected these proposals.”

An inquest into Bobby and Christi’s deaths found they were unlawfully killed when carbon monoxide fumes from a faulty boiler seeped into the bungalow they were staying in.

Tour operator Thomas Cook, who the family had booked the holiday with, was also found to have breached its ‘duty of care.’

Following the inquest, Coroner David Hinchliff wrote a report calling for a publicly accessible register to be set up where tour operators have to keep up-to-date information on all gas and heating appliances at all hotels and holiday homes.

Mr Hinchliff also said that the relevant UK Government department should consult, draft, instigate and implement EU legislation on gas installations and carbon monoxide safety, and introduce common minimal standards for all hotels, apartments and other holiday premises.