Moonlight Cinema mystery has '˜let families down'

Mystery: Moonlight Drive-In Cinemas have held showings  at venues across the country.Mystery: Moonlight Drive-In Cinemas have held showings  at venues across the country.
Mystery: Moonlight Drive-In Cinemas have held showings at venues across the country.
Mystery surrounds the non-showing of a film at a popular drive-in cinema in Castleford.

Moonlight Drive-In Cinemas have “disappointed” parents and children who claim the company failed to screen a film for which they had bought tickets.

READ: Mystery surrounds Castleford’s Moonlight CinemaMarie Mosley said she paid to take her three children to see The Grinch on the evening of Monday, December 10, but said that Moonlight Cinema failed to show the film. 

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She said: “I took my children as a surprise. I’d got them really excited about going and it was something that they’d never done before.

“We were in our pyjamas and we’d got blankets and pillows in the car.

“I thought it was a little suspicious that there was nobody on the gate. We waited an hour after it was supposed to start, but there was nobody.

“Especially when you’re working, it’s nice to take the kids out for a treat after work and after school.

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“I’m more angry that they let the children down than they’ve let me down.

READ: Plans to force primary school to become academy stall after public backlash“The money wasn’t an issue, it was more that the children had been let down this close to Christmas.

“We haven’t heard anything from them at all, that’s the most disappointing thing.”

Other customers told the Express their bookings had been cancelled unexpectedly. They claimed that they had been unable to reschedule their bookings and could not get in touch with the company.

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When the Express called the phone number listed on the Moonlight Cinema website it was out of service, and the company’s Facebook page no longer appears in search results.

The cinema operated a permanent site at Diggerland, Castleford, since January, and also ran a number of temporary showings at other sites across the country. 

A spokesperson for Diggerland Yorkshire confirmed that the company rented land to Moonlight Cinemas, but said they were unable to provide any further details. 
Similar situations have been reported at other Moonlight Drive-In Cinemas, including Peterborough, Nottingham and Doncaster.

Moonlight Drive-In Cinemas have been approached for comment. 

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