Morrisons targeted in milk price protest

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Around 120 dairy farmers held a protest outside Morrisons distribution centre in Wakefield last night over milk prices.

Lorries were unable to enter or leave the site at Wakefield 41 Industrial Estate as the farmers demonstrated from 8pm until midnight.

Campaign group Farmers for Action, which organised the protest, claims retailers are not paying a fair price for cheese, leading to falling milk prices for dairy farmers.

David Handley, chairman of the group, said: “There is a situation in the dairy industry where retailers are refusing, as I understand it, to pay a sustainable price. It is having a major impact on dairy farmers.”

Mr Handley said last night’s protest was not a blockade.

He added: “We held a very peaceful protest and we worked with the police. We certainly never put vehicles across the gates.”

Farmers held another protest at a Morrisons depot in Cheshire last night, and have also demonstrated at the Co-operative’s distribution centre in Derbyshire.

Mr Handley said farmers had been warned that Morrisons’ cheese supplier First Milk could cut the price it paid for milk.

A Morrisons spokesman said the company did not buy milk directly from farmers, and that they understood that First Milk had not cut its milk prices.

First Milk has yet to make a comment.