MP demands answers over release of serial rapist

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Pontefract and Castleord MP Yvette Cooper has waded into the row over a serial rapist being freed after just 10 years’ jail, saying there are ‘serious questions’ behind the decision.

John Worboys is thought to be one of Britain’s most prolific rapist and was convicted in 2009 of 19 offences, although police believe he is responsible for raping more than 100 women.

In her role as chairman of the home affairs select committee, Ms Cooper has spoken out at the decision to release him.

She took to Twitter and said: “Really shocked by this. His were the most appalling and vile crimes. Very serious questions about this decision.”

She later told a national newspaper: “There are many serious questions why this dangerous man has been given parole after serving such a short sentence for his attacks against women.

“Given the seriousness of this case, the Parole Board should publish their reasons immediately so both the decision and the process can be scrutinised before this man is released.

“We also need to know what information and support was given to all the victims before this decision was taken.”

Warboys, now 60, worked as a black-cab driver and gave his victims drug-laced champagne before attacking them in the back of his vehicle.

Since his conviction, more than 100 women have since stepped forward to say they were attacked by him.