Mr World title for bodybuilder, 52, who realises life-long dream

Steve Johnson, who has been crowned Mr World.
Steve Johnson, who has been crowned Mr World.

A bodybuilder has realised a three decade-long dream by being crowned Mr World at the age of 52.

Steve Johnson landed the master’s (over 50s) title at the amateur championships in Russia.

Having competed for more than 27 years, and with numerous titles, he has finished runner-up three times during the global competitions before.

Steve, who co-owns Tops Fitness & Rehabilitation in Outwood, said: “I was the oldest member of Team UK and I thought this achievement somehow might pass me by but I have persevered and kept on trying.

“I am so relieved to be able to call myself Mr World.”

“Although I stand alone on stage its very much a team game and I have an awesome support network around me and I would like to say a big thanks to them.

“I have been competing since 1990 and at last I have reached my ultimate ambition of achieving something on the world stage after finishing runner-up on three previous occasions, and third on two occasions.”

For Steve, he has to undergo four months of strict dieting to prepare for the competition, sticking to a low fat, low calorie and low carbohydrate menu.

“It’s gruelling hard work which is more mental than physical,” Steve added.

“Getting up early morning to do cardio and same again late at night with a weight training session thrown in the middle, it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.”