Mucky pup Mable has lucky escape after being rescued by firefighters

A Springer Spaniel named Mable had a lucky escape thanks to firefighters after getting stuck five feet underground.

Monday, 22nd August 2016, 3:48 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd August 2016, 4:49 pm
Mable the dog and Cleckheaton Green Watch - Picture: WYFRS.

The dramatic rescue was carried out by Cleckheaton Fire Station’s Green Watch on Saturday afternoon.

The Fire Service received a call at 3pm to Wessenden Moor, off Wessenden Road, Marsden, Huddersfield, from Mable’s owner, Philip Leonard from Shepley.

Two-year-old Mable, who is a working dog and a pet, had either ran into or fallen down one of the many holes on the moor.

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You can hardly spot Mabel, pictured with her rescuers. - Picture: WYFRS.

Station Commander Chris Lawton requested the Technical Rescue Unit (TRU) based at Cleckheaton for cameras to try and locate Mable.

On its arrival the TRU parked at the end of Wessenden Road however, where Mable was trapped was up to an hour’s walk away over difficult wet boggy moorland with no natural paths.

This walk had to be made carrying a large amount of equipment including generators, lighting, cameras and digging equipment.

The situation was made worse by the fading light, high winds and driving rain.

You can hardly spot Mabel, pictured with her rescuers. - Picture: WYFRS.

At the rescue site various openings and passageways were explored and eventually Mable was spotted by torchlight just by the reflection of her eyes. She was trapped down a narrow passage which disappeared into the hillside.

Mable had got stuck about five feet underground in an old peat drainage channel.

The weather was treacherous so crews needed to act fast.

It took over an hour to dig a large hole about four feet deep. Just when hopes were fading that firefighters were in the right place, a corner of the hole moved uncovering the drainage channel close to Mable.

Firefighter Chris Arnott was lowered into the channel and just managed to reach Mable and pull her to safety.

Cleckheaton Station Commander Chris Lawton said: “Mable was brought to the surface shivering, covered from head to toe in mud but more importantly, unhurt and happy to see us, wagging her tail.

“Her owner Philip and his family were delighted and relieved. The crew were extremely cold, wet and muddy but were also delighted that this was a success.”

Philip said: “The professionalism and how the firefighters worked together as a team was absolutely second to none and I’m sure we would not have got her out had it not been for these guys.

“They were absolutely unbelievable. Mable is absolutely fine now thankfully.”