Mum’s warning to parents after daughter’s seven-hour operation

Five-month-old Ada Butterfield with  mum, Emma. (AB200c0915)
Five-month-old Ada Butterfield with mum, Emma. (AB200c0915)

Mum Emma Butterfield is warning parents to be aware of the symptoms of liver conditions after her daughter had to have a seven-hour operation at just five-weeks old.

Mrs Butterfield, of Allerton Bywater, became concerned when little Ada was still jaundice at four-weeks old.

Less than a week later Ada had to have an operation to stop her from losing her liver.

Mrs Butterfield, 35, said: “At first we were sent away by the midwife but mother’s instinct kicked in and told me something was wrong.

“I pushed the doctors for tests and within a week she was in theatre having a seven-hour operation.”

Ada was diagnosed with biliary atresia - a condition which causes inflammation of the bile ducts and prevents it from flowing into the liver.

The operation she had helped bile to drain from the liver to the gut.

Mrs Butterfield, of Robinson Street, said: “The bile wasn’t flowing from Ada’s liver. It was just getting stuck and damaging her liver.

“I want to raise awareness of the condition and make sure people understand the seriousness of liver conditions. If Ada woudn’t have had the operation, the only solution would have been a liver transplant.”

Mrs Butterfield urged other parents to be alert to the symptoms of liver conditions and to always seek advice if unsure.

She said: “As a first-time mum I had no idea that Ada’s symptoms weren’t normal. I just dread to think what would happen if someone else was in my situation and wasn’t aware of how serious it could be.”

Ada, now five-months-old, is now back at home with her family after she had the operation in May.

Mrs Butterfield said: “She is on a lot of medicine so it’s a daily responsibility for us as parents but, thankfully, she’s doing fine.”