"Mummy will you marry Daddy?" - The heartwarming Pinderfields proposal by romantic Leeds dad and his new born daughter

Thinking of a unique and inventive way to propose to your other half is all part and parcel of becoming engaged.

Baby Skyler-Grace in the baby-grow she proposed in.
Baby Skyler-Grace in the baby-grow she proposed in.

Time, money and energy are often spent on creating a proposal that will live long in the memory.

And one dad from Leeds came up with something truly spectacular while in Pinderfields Hospital with his partner, Emily Barker, who was giving birth tot heir first child.

L-R; Dad Aaron Broadhead holding baby Skyler-Grace, mum Emily Barker with Senior Sister Sarah Brennan from the Labour Ward at Pinderfields Hospital.

Romantic Aaron Broadhead, popped the question just minutes after first child Skyler-Grace was born, on Wednesday 15 August, on the labour ward at Pinderfields, in the most heartwarming way.

Skyler-Grace, weighing 6Ib 9oz, was briefly taken away from her mum to be washed and dressed, and Aaron took the opportunity to slip his daughter into a baby-grow emblazoned with the words: "Mummy will you marry Daddy?".

Skyler-Grace was then handed back to her ecstatic mother Emily who said yes.

Emily said: “It was the happiest day of my life – I couldn’t believe it! It made Skyler-Grace’s birth extra special!”

Sarah Brennan, Senior Sister and Labour Ward Manager, at Pinderfields Hospital said: “It was a lovely moment, all the staff were overwhelmed! It’s the first marriage proposal we have seen here on the Labour Ward at Pinderfields."