Mystery postcard poses a big puzzle

Postcard mystery
Postcard mystery

SHERLOCK Holmes might have been just the man for the job of unravelling the mystery of a postcard that was sent to Wakefield in the early 1900s.

It was given to the Express by Jane Potter, of Dover. Her mother bought it at a collectors’ fair and she has been baffled by it ever since.

Sent from Peterborough on October 15, 1918, everything about the postcard from the address to the fact that it’s written in mirror writing, is strange.

The address reads: The Rt Hon Sir G Fothergill, Fish Rabbit and Poultry Salesman I don’t think, Flanshaw Lane, Alverthorpe.

But the message, which Mrs Potter managed to decipher is even more intriguing. It said: “Dear Pall, It seems the barrel is not empty, as the nut as not turned up. If he does not arrive before long, we shall empty the b. Yourself, Ted and Allen better cart him this way, or proceeding will take place.”

Mrs Potter contacted the Express in the hope that readers may be able to solve the mystery.

She said: “We often ponder what it could mean, and what event the writer is referring to. Are they simply poachers, does the b refer to a shotgun barrel? Or has there been some sort of crime?”

The sender does not include a house name or address on the card.

Mrs Potter added: “It would be great if someone could crack the code and shed light on what might have been going on in Wakefield at the close of the First World War. There’s not much to go on, but someone might recognise the name or have researched a similar postcard.”

Anyone with information should contact or call 01924 433013