Mystery surrounds Castleford's Moonlight Drive-In Cinema

Mystery surrounds the non-showing of a film at a popular drive-in cinema in Castleford .

Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 4:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 4:45 pm
The Moonlight Drive-In Cinema hosted temporary showings at sites across the country.

Customers claimed they had arrived for a screening of The Grinch at Moonlight Drive-In Cinema Castleford on Monday evening, but that no screening was held.

Writing on Facebook, one parent said: "Absolutely disgusted and appalled.

"Come to the moonlight drive in cinema at diggerland and they haven't even turned up and put the screening on.

"Furious that anyone thinks it's acceptable to do this!

"Three very upset children tonight!"

The cinema had operated at a permanent site at Diggerland, Castleford, since January, and also ran a number of temporary showings at other sites across the country.

Other customers, who claim they booked tickets in advance, say they have been unable to get in contact with the company following the missed showing.

When the Express called the phone number listed on the Moonlight Cinema website it was disconnected, and their Facebook page is no longer showing online.

A spokesperson for Diggerland Yorkshire confirmed that the company rented land to Moonlight Cinemas, but said they were unable to provide any further details.

The Express' sister paper, Peterborough Today, also reported that Moonlight had cancelled showings at Serpentine Green, Peterborough, earlier this week.

In a Facebook post, the shopping centre said: “CUSTOMER NOTICE - MOONLIGHT DRIVE-IN CINEMAS: Due to circumstances beyond our control, Moonlight Drive-in Cinemas will not be attending Serpentine Green this week (11th - 17th December).

“Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Customers can contact Moonlight Drive-in Cinemas directly on [email protected] or 03330 064608. We will share more information as we receive it."

Similar situations have been reported at other Moonlight Drive-In Cinemas, including Nottingham and Doncaster.

Some customers received an email confirming the cancellation of their showings, though it is not clear if this email was sent to all those who had booked tickets in advance.

Moonlight Cinema have been approached for comment.

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