New gun games on Heath Common

Snap happy . Alex Dolby took this picture of  Horses on Heath Common
Snap happy . Alex Dolby took this picture of Horses on Heath Common

GROUPS of people will soon be shooting each other on Heath Common, despite objections from residents.

Chris Walton of Middleton has been given the go-ahead by Wakefield Council to set up Airsoft on land off Hell Lane.

The latest craze of combat sport, similar to paintballing, will see teams fire pellets at each other with replica firearms.

On Thursday the council’s planning committee approved plans for the game to be played on former farmers’ fields and in woods.

Mr Walton said poor soil conditions had resulted in the land not being used to grow crops.

The council had received two letters of objection from Warmfield-Cum-Heath Parish Council and Heath Residents’ Association.

They raised concerns over the possible damage to flora and fauna and “the nature value of the railway corridor”.

They also felt the access and roads were not up to scratch, resulting in vehicles parking on Hell Lane, causing safety problems.

The application ended up at committee level after being referred by Coun Elaine Blezard who raised concerns with the road. She said: “This is a very tight bend coming from Sharlston to Wakefield and from A655 to Sharlston there is a weight restricted bridge. There is no street lighting on the stretch of road and no walk way, cars do come over the bridge at speed and is so close to the entrance of the site.”

In his application Mr Walton said the outdoor sport was “clean and safe” and would be used by up to 30 people at once between 10.30am and 5pm mainly at weekends and occasionally during the week.

Mr Walton was also given approval to keep a steel storage cabin and timber shed on the land to keep the equipment.