New lease of life for dino discovery in Yorkshire

Dinosaur fans are in for a jaw-dropping treat as they journey back to a time when the prehistoric creatures ruled the earth.

Sunday, 29th May 2016, 8:00 am
Leeds Museum Curator Neil Owen pictured with the partial Skeleton of a 25ft Hypselospinus.

Over the last two weeks a 25ft long fossilized Hypselospinus dinosaur skeleton has been painstakingly brought to life in Leeds.

The partial skeleton of 100 individual fossils has been pieced together across the floor of Leeds City Museum’s Brodrick Hall for the first time.

Other dino discoveries unearthed from the collection over the May half term week include the 80 million-year-old forelimb of a duck-billed herbivore Edmontosaurus and the egg of long-necked sauropod Hypselosaurus.

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The Dinosaur Week exhibition, starting tomorrow, features a cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth.

Neil Owen, Leeds Museums and Galleries assistant curator for natural sciences and geology, said: “We know just how fascinated and enthusiastic people of all ages are about these incredible animals.

“Dinosaurs have a uniquely timeless power to enthral and engage, conjuring up images of a very different world that was filled with giant herbivores and ferocious predators.

“What we hope to do with this collection of fossils is bridge the gap between their world and ours to give visitors an insight into how life on earth has evolved.”