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A social cafe is providing a retreat for people living with dementia to share their memories of the past.

Maureen Day and Janet Sherratt set up the memory lane cafe in Smawthorne to give dementia patients living in the area, and their carers, a chance to take time out to relax and socialise with others.

As well as tucking in to tea, coffee and cake, the cafe offers them the chance to look at and discuss old photographs and take part in activities. The cafe held an open day earlier this week to raise awareness of its work and what life can be like living with dementia.

Dementia Friends were on hand to offer advice and support to patients and carers as well as to give members of the public a better understanding of the condition and what they can do to help.

Ms Day said: “The cafe is really about offering support for carers and people living with dementia. It provides a nice friendly environment where people can have a chat, play games and get involved in activities.

“Our open day was a great success in raising awareness of the challenges living with dementia can present and of making people aware about the cafe itself.”

The open day also featured creative cooking, health checks including blood pressure and weight and advice for carers and patients.

Ms Day said: “There’s quite a big push in the community towards becoming more dementia friendly, and we offer a friendly and relaxing environment for people living with dementia.”

The memory lane cafe runs at The Link, at Smawthorne Community Church on Beancroft Road, on the first and third Friday of every month from 10am until noon.