No-one will spend here

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I WOULD like to congratulate the photographer who took the photograph of the Hepworth on the front page of the Express Friday May 20 edition.

The photographer has caught the Hepworth perfectly, at first glance I thought it was in black and white but no! the Hepworth really is that depressing to look at, ugly dark grey buildings against a silver grey sky and a grey river, if we get any visitors from the south and they see this, they really will think it is grim up North.

I have read on the Hepworth website that admission to the gallery is free, so how do the people of Wakefield and surrounding towns in the district, get a return on the £35m+ running costs they have contributed to through council tax?

There are no shops in the area for visitors to spend their money except for the restaurant and a couple of gift shops, unless they cross the road to buy a Vauxhall that is. I guess that the council is hoping these visitors will then visit the shopping areas of Wakefield. Personally, I think they will just leave for home.

If Wakefield Council has so much money in its coffers that it can allow free entry to the Hepworth, is the council going to extend this to allow free entry to the facilities at Thornes Park athletics stadium and the new Wakefield One pool?

These facilities are probably far more useful to our residents than an art gallery.

Chris Ashton

Whinney Moor Avenue