Notorious prisoners from HMP Wakefield, including Charles Bronson and Harold Shipman, put on film

Prisoner Chrles Bronson.
Prisoner Chrles Bronson.

An amateur filmmaker from Lofthouse has put together a series of short documentaries about notorious prisoners from HMP Wakefield.

Nathan Duce, 28, works in IT but admits he has had a fascination and curiosity about the prison, nicknamed ‘Monster Mansion’ because of some of its inmates’ violent crimes, since he first saw it as a youngster.

He has now put together videos, that he narrates, and posted them on Youtube under the name of his production company, Rotting Llama.

The videos look at, among others, serial killer Dr Harold Shipman, Soham murderer Ian Huntley, and Charles Bronson, who is regarded as Britain’s most violent inmate.

All available to watch online, Mr Duce said: “The episodes take about a week to make from start to finish.

“This includes all the research, recording the audio, editing and publishing.”