Nuisance street drinker jailed for THIRD time for breaching order

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A Wakefield man who is banned from drinking in the city centre has been jailed again for another breach of a community behaviour order (CBO).

James McMaster, 58, was sentenced to 14 days in custody this week for breaching the terms of his order after being found by officers in the Sun Lane area on Sunday, which he is prohibited from entering.

He was also drinking alcohol, which he is also prevented from doing in a public place.

It is the third time he has been jailed for breach of the CBO since it was imposed in January 2017. He was given a 16-week sentence in May.

McMaster was served with the two-year CBO in January 2017 as a result of persistent alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

He was told he could only enter parts of the city for pre-arranged appointments or when travelling through as a passenger in a taxi or on public transport.

Insp Helen Brear of the Wakefield Central NPT, said: “Criminal Behaviour orders exist to protect residents from repeated anti-social behaviour on the part of individuals and the consequences of breaching them are very clear.

“James McMaster was charged within hours of being arrested and swiftly jailed for a third time.

“We continue to work very closely with Wakefield Council to tackle anti-social behaviour and issues of nuisance drinking in the city centre.”