Objections to build 300 new homes -development could bring traffic, flooding and noise

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Three hundred new homes could be built in Normanton – despite objections from more than 280 people.

An application to build the properties on land off Benson Lane has been recommended for approval at a planning meeting on Thursday.

Developer Taylor Wimpey said 30 per cent of the detached, semi-detached and terraced homes, would be affordable properties.

But the council has received 91 letters of objection and two petitions signed by a total of 191 people.

A council report said Normanton councillor David Dagger was among those objecting to the plans.

It said: “Coun Dagger has raised concerns regarding the vehicular access along Benson Lane due to severe traffic problems at certain times of the day and a request for a committee decision has been made.”

Other concerns raised by people include potential flooding near Falmouth Avenue, a lack of demand for new properties near social housing and the development could create seven years of noise, dirt and disturbance.

The application received no letters of support but a letter for comment from Normanton Town Council.

The report said: “Members of the town council support the proposal to build 300 homes but they have serious concerns about access from Benson Lane.

“The road is too narrow for the increased traffic flow and there are existing problems due to parked cars, which recently prevented an emergency vehicle gaining access.”

The town council also raised concerns about traffic issues at the junction of Benson Lane and Castleford Road and it said that an alternative access into the site should be considered.

If approved, the council’s children and young people’s directorate wants £529,958 to be donated to Normanton Common Primary Academy.

A contribution of £98,685 from the developer would also been given to the Parks and Public Realm, which would be used to help improve Haw Hill Park.