Officers sniffed out Wakefield drug farm

Cannabis farm seized in Hardy Croft, Eastmoor.
Cannabis farm seized in Hardy Croft, Eastmoor.
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POLICE sniffed out a cannabis farm after smelling it from the street, a court heard.

Officers caught the stench of the drug and traced it to a property on Hardy Croft in the city centre on August 11.

Wakefield Magistrates’ Court heard how a search revealed a crop of cannabis in the basement.

There were 27 plants and hydroponic equipment to grow the drug.

Resident Mark O’Donnell, 28, told the police the drugs were for his own personal use.

And that he could no longer afford to buy the drug after losing his job and had started to grow it instead.

Prosecutor Diane Gomersall said O’Donnell asked police for help with his drug dependency.

O’Donnell, of Hardy Croft, admitted being concerned in the production of cannabis.

Louise Marshall, mitigating, said: “He says he has a long-term problem with cannabis use. He has been using it since the age of around 13 and is now 28-years-old.”

She said his usage had significantly increased following the death of his mother two years ago.

Miss Marshall said he could no longer afford to buy the drug, so he carried out research on the Internet about how to grow it.

But she said the plants hadn’t yielded any usable cannabis by the time of the police raid. She added: “They were small when seized.”

Miss Marshall said O’Donnell had no previous convictions for drug offending but he had expressed a desire to address his problem and had an appointment with social care organisation Turning Point this week.

City magistrates sentenced O’Donnell to a 12-month community order with a 200-hour unpaid work requirement.