Oliver Twist homes plan will is an ‘apocalyptic idea’ on ‘worst road in Britain’

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A campaigner has called on planning officers to resign after an application to build 15 new homes on one of the district’s most dangerous roads was approved.

Wakefield Council’s planning and highways committee gave the green light last Thursday to plans for 11 detached homes and four town houses on the junction of Notton Lane and Bleakley Lane.

The Oliver Twist pub will also be knocked down.

Notton parish councillor Stephen Selby said he fears for more fatalities at the site as building works will bring more cars.

He said: “It is an apocalyptic idea. They really need to resign.

“The first fatality after that happens on the crossroads every dead body or a dead person is blood on their hands.”

For almost 20 years Coun Selby has been campaigning to get road signs put up and speed limits reduced.

He said it is the worst road in Britain after several fatal accidents, including his friend Tony Keany, 24, who was knocked off his bike and killed by a speeding driver in 1995.

Coun Selby said he has never seen so many accidents on one site.