On this day in Yorkshire 1935: Ghostly noises explained

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Boy with a nervous reaction to sound

Nocturnal and disturbing tappings in a lonely farmhouse at the heart of the Lake District, have been traced to an unusual source — the stomach of the farmer’s son.

Supernatural powers were suspected when noises were heard inside the farm house during the night, but the mystery was solved when an examination of the boy showed that he possessed an abnormal nervous reaction, which “ e-echoed” a noise anywhere near him while he slept.

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The boy is described as big, normal and healthy, and while he was asleep yesterday several experiments were made with him.

“When anyone taps on the wall there is a sound from his abdomen.” It was stated afterwards.

“but it is not known whether the noise comes from the stomach or the intestines. The number of noises produced always corresponded with the knocks on the wall.

“It is really uncanny. When he makes the noises his whole body and his bed shake with vibration.”

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