It's never too late to start creative cookery - it could become a hobby

I have an uncle that lives just a few doors away from me. He is called Graham and is 89 years young. He rings me for cooking advice as he wants to cook from scratch sometimes and have a varied and healthy diet.

Friday, 28th August 2020, 4:00 pm
Karen Wright provides guidance in the kitchen

I got involved in a cooking experience with him this week and it all happened quite by accident.

He called to say he was making sweet and sour chicken but had bought chicken thighs with skin and bone on by mistake.

We agreed it might be an idea to change tack and cook a different dish.

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We had a chat and one thing he said was it seems to take him all day to plan, shop, then cook his tea. We decided it might be fun to cook a recipe together, well, him cook and me direct!

The meal we decided on was chicken cooked with mushrooms in a white wine creamy sauce. This might sound fancy but Graham put it all together and on the table in about an hour.

The meal was truly delicious with leftover chicken too, so next day I was back to show him how to transform the leftovers into a great chicken pie.

Graham is a keen video photographer, so we got the tripod out and filmed as we cooked. The film is now being edited, so watch out YouTube - Graham is on his way!

This is what he did. He browned six chicken thighs in a frying pan with a knob of butter, then added a diced onion and a handful of button mushrooms and cooked them down over moderate heat. He added two cloves of crushed garlic, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and a glass of white wine.

We increased the heat to cook off the alcohol and added 300ml chicken stock. We seasoned with salt, pepper and mixed dried herbs, then simmered until the liquid reduced by half.

Finally we poured the mixture in an ovenproof dish, stirred in 200ml double cream and cooked in a moderate oven for half an hour until the chicken was falling off the bone.

I am quite passionate about encouraging anyone to keep cooking - it can become a hobby.

I have zero training, everything I do is taught me by my Mam, at school or from books and online tutor.

Have a great week everyone!