LETTER: Any Brexit will be bad for Britain

It’s obvious that Brexit will be bad for Britain. No deal with the EU will be catastrophic; any version of May’s deal will be very bad and Corbyn’s deal will be pointless.

Friday, 22nd February 2019, 1:13 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd February 2019, 2:37 pm
"Its obvious that Brexit will be bad for Britain. No deal with the EU will be catastrophic; any version of Mays deal will be very bad and Corbyns deal will be "pointless. "

No Brexit outcome provides the considerable benefits that we currently enjoy in the EU.

Both the Conservatives and Labour (including our MP) have promised to respect the so-called ‘Will of the People’ demonstrated in the Referendum, despite the fact that only a minority of the population voted for it, taking into account the 48% who voted remain, those that chose not to vote and those who were too young but will have to live with the consequences the longest.

Much has been spoken of Democracy, that Leave won and Remoaners should accept that, but in a true democracy your referendum result is not the last word.

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Yvette Cooper has received much criticism in these pages for not respecting the local 70% leave vote, but in our parliamentary democracy MPs are not delegates, they are elected to act in the best interests of Britain and their constituents and if she believes that Brexit will be bad for Pontefract it is her duty to oppose it, not to slavishly accept the majority local view.

The people to blame for the current national crisis are not those who voted leave, Cooper or Corbyn, but Cameron and those who ran the leave campaign without any plan for Brexit.

Teresa May is particularly culpable; instead of respecting the referendum 52/48 split she chose “Brexit means Brexit” and put her party before Britain.

If she had pursued a cross-party approach in 2017 after her injudiciously called election we would probably have a Brexit agreement by now.

There is only one solution to the present impasse: a people’s vote.

Dr Colin White, Pontefract