LETTER: Saga of leaving

I was a Brexit voter in the referendum and I wonder when the saga of leaving the EU will ever end, but I am firmly against another referendum.

It would set a very dangerous precedent, and make a mockery of our democracy. The people voted to leave the EU. Nothing should change that. When the vote became clear, David Cameron resigned leaving the path clear for Theresa May, a staunch Remainer at the time, to take on the role of PM.

How can we believe that she will fulfil her promise to fight for the best deal for the British people and extricate us from the clutches of the EU when initially she believed so fervently that we should remain there? Surely, anyone who can switch their allegiance so readily is not the right person to take us out of the EU with the best possible deal? Boris Johnson claims that the Chequers deal leans heavily in favour of the EU, and I believe him. Claude Juncker regards us a joke for wanting to leave Brussels rule anyway, and has now appointed Martin Selmayr who dislikes Britain even more, to a top job in the EU. It would be a total betrayal of the millions of brave men and women who fought in two World Wars if we surrendered and made ourselves subservient to people like Barnier, Juncker and Selmayr.

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We need another referendum like we need a hole in the head, but we do need someone who will fight for Britain whole heartedly because they believe we have a brilliant future as an independent nation. Not someone who switches sides, just to get the ‘plum’ job.

Jean Norfolk, Knottingley