LETTERS: Reaction to Mary Creagh's Brexit vote continues

John Clarke, Sandal Cliff, Sandal

Wednesday, 15th February 2017, 2:38 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 9:39 am
A £5m state of the art eye unit at Pinderfields Hospital officially opened by MP Mary Creagh.

Following the recent vote on the Brexit Bill in Parliament undoubtedly there will be braying voices raised in outrage at a perceived betrayal of democracy.

But three salient points remain about Brexit and the June referendum.

Firstly, the referendum was presented by a failing Prime Minister desperately clinging to power at any cost while senior politicians around him revealed themselves to be self-seeking, shameless opportunists.

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Secondly, campaigning in the build up to the referendum was marked by huge distortions of the truth and crude exploitation of the fears of people who had borne the brunt of too many years of ill-conceived austerity measures.

Finally, the result gave rise to an unseemly triumphalism, racist and xenophobic in nature and totally at odds with what we like to consider as British values. This is where democracy has been betrayed, by mercenary, on-the-make politicians who have expediently abandoned principle on whim and who happily pose behind spurious slogans like “the people have spoken.”

Mary Creagh, however, has consistently held a pro-European view and she has done so with both courage and integrity and for this she should be applauded. Democracy and Wakefield have both been well served by its MP.

T Gibson, Kirkgate, Wakefield

If anyone is fully qualified to vote against Brexit, I believe Mary Creagh is, as she is one of the most experienced MPs, having worked for the EU Brussels and even lived there for a number of years.

The people asking for Mary Creagh’s resignation probably have never voted for her and are not likely to.

Personally, I have always found Mary to be very sincere, caring and compassionate, always willing to help and advise in any situation. I find it very reassuring that for once a politician has a strong backbone, to stand by her convictions and not lie, deceive or change colours for votes as so many politicians do.

Lying and deceitfulness has become an acceptable practice by so many in today’s society and look what mess mass lying has got us into with the Brexit vote. I did not vote to leave Europe, I fully trust and support Mary Creagh in any decision she makes and question anyone who voted to leave the EU if immigration was the only reason. Mary, please rise above this criticism, keep up the good work and thank you for being honest.

Peter Kershaw, via email

I do hope that someone is going to take Mary Creagh to task over her decision to vote against Brexit in Parliament.

We, the people of Wakefield, voted to leave the EU in the referendum, it seems that this lady is totally uninterested in the views of the people

If she doesn’t represent our views she should resign.