LETTER SPECIAL: Wakefield readers have their say on whether to stay or leave the EU.

When are we going to witness a personality who is going to express views and opinions on behalf of the people who oppose remaining in the EU?

Thursday, 10th March 2016, 12:50 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th March 2016, 12:51 pm

The people who have appeared on TV and radio have failed to point out the basic reasons for leaving, reasons which should ring alarm bells and uncover the misdeeds of a large, unwieldy organisation.

The EU was founded around twenty eight years ago and since that time it has developed into one of the most top heavy and corrupt organisations in the world.

Would anyone, as a normal investor, plough millions of pounds into a company which had not had its books signed off by accountants for twenty eight years due to the fact that the authorities cannot track down expense claims?

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We have around 72 MEPs who represent the UK, all on fantastic salaries and expenses. No doubt they will be promoting the stay in Europe campaign due to the fact that otherwise they would be loosing their employment. There are no Tory or Labour seats vacant for them to drop into.

Cameron has been abysmal in his negotiations. We still remain shackled to the EU with regard to many legal and civil laws, being in effect governed to a disturbing degree by Europe. Cameron, according to press reports, has forbidden his civil service hierarchy to assist any Tory MP who supports an out vote. How democratic is that?

Why doesn’t Corbyn and his Labour stalwarts bring the above details to the attention of the people and Parliament?

In my honest opinion, the Labour party is running scared of the immigration issue, this being the backbone of their campaigns.

Bob Crowther

High Street,


vote out

Chance to leave

It comes as no surprise that the majority of local MPs are in support of us remaining in the EU - turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

Most will be looking for a safe passage on the EU gravy train once their political career comes to a end in this country. We are second to Germany in contributions to the EU - some 17 billion pounds - and still not one of them complains that the EU’s books have not been signed off for 20 years because of corruption. If this had been a private firm the government would have closed it down and prosecuted the directors, as for jobs at risk, tell that to the fishing fleet in Hull who were sold down the river by Grocer Ted, and the miners whose jobs have gone because of the closure of cold fired power stations. I have family who live in Europe and they tell me we are the laughing stock, how we kow-tow to every diktat that the EU spouts. We have a chance to end this once and for all.

Judith Goodwin

Windross Close, Altofts


Cheaper food bill

In the EU Referendum the Stay In Campaign has overlooked the fact that average food bills are £400 more expensive because of our membership of the European Union.

The consequence of this is that the UK Family has less disposable income to spend and their living standards are being reduced when they do not need to be. This is because the EU forbids cheaper food imports.

I say we should leave the EU and import cheaper food because UK families have suffered enough from austerity and hardship because of David Cameron and George Osborne.

Pro European campaigners can afford higher food bills but I can’t and I would not think you readers can afford it either in the long term.

Oliver Healey

Oxford Court, Leicester


Poor refugees

We have been watching in the national news, for months now, the mass migration of human souls from Syria and other parts of the world.

They are running for their lives from bombs and persecution, not for the pittance of our benefit system. This is the largest mass migration of the human race since my dad fought and won the other tyrant trying to rule the world. I am astounded that all 28 countries of the EU and all those over paid politicians have failed to do anything about the wretched condition of all these men, women and children.

With all the technology that is available did no politicians notice 150,000 people collectively moving towards their borders?

In news reports we can see cameras and people being interviewed, looking cold and scared, not knowing if his wife and children were alive or dead and being asked inane questions like ‘How’s it been for you?’ We also see soldiers with riot gear, gas grenades and armoured cars. Children with tears in their eyes from the gas and the panic.

What we don’t see is any Samaritan intervention by the EU. Where are the doctors, nurses, paediatric staff, basic supplies for human survival? What’s more, it is evident that there are always new diseases starting, I do not see any screening process for these diseases? Instead of meeting refugees at a border with sustenance and care, they are met with guns and gas. How unfortunate that Syria has no oil like Kuwait?

Recently, in the middle of winter, someone who is extremely clever (and belongs to the EU) decided to knock down the shelters of refugees in waiting camps. Would this person put his children in steel cargo containers? I doubt it.

When it comes to voting as to whether we should stay in or leave the EU, there can only be one logical answer for me if the combined total politicians of 28 countries absolutely fail to take charge of the care and welfare of all the oppressed people migrating towards Europe. If a club that was formed to take care of people and to stop wars can ignore the sorry plight of millions then I don’t want to be in a club like this and therefore my answer has to be a resounding no.

G L Hall

St Michael’s House, Wakefield


Just nonsense

Reading Mary Creagh’s last Politically Speaking column I was reminded of the words of American satirist and writer, Henry L. Mencken, who wrote: ‘The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary’.

Mrs Creagh talks of drawbridges being raised by a vote for Brexit, as the UK opts for isolation. Her pen draws a picture of some kind of zero longitude North Korea, just off of the coast of Utopia. This is, of course, complete nonsense simply designed to frighten people.

In fairness to her, the one thing I have noticed about politicians, on both sides of the Brexit argument, is the frightening ignorance they display on matters that you might reasonably assume they know something about. To think that we elected them and, worse still, some of them are friends and associates of mine!

A good example is the feeding frenzy over the issue of expatriates, who are living/working in the EU under current agreements and that they may have to return home. This is utter nonsense peddled by scaremongers. The fact is that under the Vienna Convention individuals exercising a right under a treaty; in this case various EU treaties; are allowed to continue to exercise those rights even when the treaty is ended by the high contracting parties. You can apply that to all the people from the EU working here too.

There are no ifs or buts about this. It is a matter of international law. Unfortunately none of the politicians seemed to know this. Journalists seem too lazy to actually investigate it, before asking the politicians to comment, thus disseminating more misleading rubbish. This is then consumed by a public who are keen to be guided on something so complex that few people, including most politicians, actually understand it. Of course, some people simply choose not to tell the truth because they want the electorate to remain misled as they go to the polls.

Leaving the EU will not instantly hail the establishment of a promised land. There will be difficulties and withdrawal will be an ongoing process, not an event that will happen the day after the polls close. I will do my best to tell people the truth when I hear more drivel as the weeks move on.

Tony Homewood

Westfield Drive, Ossett