LETTERS: Calder Business Park warehouse is a hideous blot on the landscape

From: James M Donlon, Durkar

By Jane Chippindale
Thursday, 24th February 2022, 1:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th February 2022, 2:18 pm
Taken from Peel Avenue
Taken from Peel Avenue

James Donlon writes: Many people will have already noticed the gigantic industrial building going up at Calder Business Park and I am in no doubt most will conclude what a hideous blot on the landscape it is.

The warehouse not only dominates the offices in the business park but also the houses in the nearby residential neighbourhood – and has a significant impact on the sightlines of local residents looking out from their homes.

When up and running, the distribution centre will also have a detrimental effect on local traffic and concomitant air quality as well as the local flood zones and local wildlife corridor along the River Calder and canal network.

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Taken from Newsholme Lane, Durkar

The most concerning aspect of this development is however the way the application for development was hastily decided by delegation to planning officers – despite the proposals not being in accord with the Local Plan for the district and despite the more than 30 objections which would normally have warranted determination by a full meeting of the Council Planning Committee and/or referral to the Secretary of State.

It is not even as if the development will create employment opportunities within the area since, according to the latest publicity from the company operating the distribution centre, the staff will be transferred to the site from its current base at Birstall.

What is the point of the WMDC Local Plan if it can be so easily overridden?

And what is the purpose of the WMDC Statement of Community Involvement if the local community is not involved in the decision making process?

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