LETTERS - Gaddafi is a ‘top bloke’

IS it just me or has this country and the world gone blind or mad?

We’re standing by while our country and the UN starts another war in the Middle East under the hypocritical disguise of humanitarianism while Saudi Arabia machine guns its own protesters and sends in troops to Bahrain to squash any revolt against their despotic leaders. Little do we hear of the slaughter of its citizens in the Yemen let alone Egypt.

Why the the discrimination? Oh of course it’s oil! And yet again the media are in a frenzy saying Gaddafi’s throwing babies out of windows, weapons of mass destruction blah blah blah, Gaddafi is the only true socialist left in the world. He’s done great things for his people – they have nice homes, brilliant hospitals, they are the envy of the Arab world.

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He’s done much in development for the rest of Africa and has many supporters. He even came back into the UN fold just recently and was counselled by Tony Blair, and great trade deals were done. This whole Middle East uprising is a bit too spontaneous it stinks of a big CIA set up.

It suggests one thing to me, the globalists backed by the bankers are going for broke on control of the the world’s oil reserves. Where were our planes and tanks when the Chinese put down its protesters in Tiananmen Square, nowhere to be seen, the UN are just bullies taking advantage of weaker countries at the direct instruction of the global banking elite.

PS. Gaddafi backed the miners in 1984...top bloke!

Pete Mcgowan

Windross Close