Letters: PM doesn't have the '˜oomph'

Derrick Bond, by email
EU and UK flags togetherEU and UK flags together
EU and UK flags together

One thing that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have proved is that positive thinking and speaking aggressively works. Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were leaders the Left hated.

Yet both were shouters and table thumpers, and proved to be successful. Those the Left have loved were wishy-washy , crumbling into uselessness.

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I suspect many Tory supporters won’t back our current PM. She was and is a ‘Mrs Maybe’ (maybe she will, or maybe she won’t). She’s crumbling now because, in my opinion, she doesn’t have the oomph that Britain needs. She’s a half-and-half Remainer-turned-Brexit negotiator who doesn’t want to upset anyone by plain speaking.

‘Brexit means Brexit’ means nothing when no one does anything to implement a simple request: get us out of the EU!

Is there another Churchill on the horizon who can say, ‘action this day’ not ‘after a period of transition.’ I don’t see anyone.